Facebook Customer Care Number

Prince SinghSeptember 16, 2021
facebook customer care number

There is no Facebook customer care number as such. Facebook is a social media platform where people establish connections with friends and family. Furthermore, they can send messages and share photos and videos. In addition, it serves as a highly utilized application globally. Majorly, people look for Facebook helpline numbers when their accounts get blocked. However, there is nothing particular as Facebook customer service toll-free number in India.

Facebook Customer Care Number – 8948033470

Why a Facebook Account get Blocked?

  • If you’ve got a blocked FB account, it is not wholly disabled, however, you cannot use some particular features. It compises:
  • You lose a right to post, make a friend request or even send a message
  • Your account gets blocked when you send several messages and friend requests to unknown person who is not in your social circuit – your group, community, family, co-workers, friends, classmates, etc.
  • When you share something so quickly or in nick of time
  • When you tag people or send link to those who are not in your contact or friend list
  • If you keep on sending friend request to celebrity or famous personality you don’t know ( you can only follow them)
  • Lastly, too many attempts on FB recovery may also lead to disable your facebook account

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Why a Facebook Account get Disabled?

  • Next, your FB account becomes disabled when you follow the below-mentioned points:
  • Posting content that does not comply the Facebook terms
  • Using a fake identity/name
  • Operating multiple accounts in Facebook
  • Supporting violent or criminal group or organisation on Facebook
  • Using or making wrongful statements on religion, nation, disability etc.
  • Posting illegal or illicit graphic content, advertisement, promotion for the purpose of threats/harassment

Facebook Office Address
Facebook, Inc.
ATTN: Privacy Operations
1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA

Source: Facebook

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